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 8:00 Early Service in the Fellowship Hall
 9:00 Adult Sunday School
10:00 Family Service in the Chapel

       - Nursery available

       - Children released early for Sunday School
11:00 Coffee Hour in the Fellowship Hall

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In recognition that my time, talent and treasures are gifts from God, I am happy to join with the congregation in my commitment for 2016:

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2015 Pledge Request.

November 4, 2015

Dear Members,

Loyalty Sunday is scheduled for November 15th.  That means it's time to submit our 2016 pledge and we just wanted to remind you what your support means for us all.  Our pledge offerings support three areas in the church: administration and ministry, building and grounds maintenance, and fellowship and giving.

Administration and ministry is about 80% of the total operating budget of the church and covers all salaries, benefits, property insurance, and worker's compensation insurance.  In return, we receive very effective leadership, meaningful and through-provoking sermons, strong adult and youth programs, wonderful music, excellent office management and community outreach, and a spotless church.

Building and grounds maintenance is about 15% of the budget and covers cleaning and maintenance supplies, upgrades and normal upkeep to the church and grounds, utilities, and lawn maintenance.  In return, we receive a well-maintained, comfortable, and beautiful church facility and a terrific place for us to meet.

And fellowship and giving is about 5% of the budget.  With this money, we sponsor in-reach and outreach giving and nurturing programs, we have many church-wide dinners and lunches that provide fun, fellowship and programs, and we offer college scholarships to deserving young people.

There is no doubt our pledge offerings are well spent. But our dollars do so much more.  They allow us to have a unique church, a church with a rich history and a strong tradition of acceptance and support to all.  They allow us to enjoy our fellowship and to provide the opportunity for all who enter our doors to worship as they believe.  And they allow us to reach out with kindness to help people inside and outside the church throughout the year.  We are all part of something special and our pledge offerings allow us to continue to make this something special happen for us and our community.

Please show your continued support for our church through your 2016 pledge.  The pledge cards are due November 15th, and they can be left in the office, mailed to the church or deposited in the offering plate.

The Congregational Meeting is scheduled for December 20th following the 10:00 o'clock service.  At this time, we will discuss what has happened in 2015, what we hope will happen in 2016 and answer any questions.  We hope to see you there.

Thank you,

United Church Board

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Where people from all denominations meet in their differences, but are one in their search for God.

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