Our Sunday Mornings

 8:00 Early Service in the Fellowship Hall
 9:00 Adult Sunday School
10:00 Family Service in the Chapel

       - Nursery available

       - Children released early for Sunday School
11:00 Coffee Hour in the Fellowship Hall

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8:00 AM Early Service in the Fellowship Hall

The informal 8 am Sunday morning worship service is conducted in the Fellowship Hall.  You are welcome to "come as you are going" -- dressed for whatever else your day might bring.  One highlight of this service:  the congregation picks the songs

Sunday Services

10:00 AM Family Service in the Chapel

The 10 am Sunday morning worship service is conducted in the Chapel. Children join their parents in the Chapel for the start of the service and are dismissed for Sunday School at 10:15 following a short Children's Sermon. For more info on Sunday School and other Youth Programs, see the Unity Youth page.

After the service everyone is invited to the Fellowship hall for Coffee Hour. For more about our Coffee Hour see our Fellowship Activities Page.

9:00 AM Adult Sunday School​

The Adult Sunday School Class has been a spirited Sunday morning activity at the United Church for many years, meeting at 9:00 am Sundays in the Board Room off of the Fellowship Hall. The subjects for discussion have been known to vary widely, and are invariably thought-provoking and challenging. Long-time attendees are supportive and dedicated to this uplifting hour and invite newcomers to join them.

About our Services

The United Church is a welcoming place, and it is also a unique place unlike any other Church in this community. It is a liberal Christian Church that welcomes all who are seeking a church family for the purposes of worship, fellowship, and service to others. 

We are not affiliated with any denomination, while being Christian in focus. Members of the United Church are not asked to profess agreement with any particular creed or dogma. The Church recognizes and honors the individual’s approach to religion, the individual’s spiritual journey, and the individual’s interpretation of the Old and New Testaments. 

The Church uses the Bible, other historical and contemporary sources, as well as prayer and music for the Sunday services and youth education programs. Many smaller groups such as the women’s circles, the adult Sunday School class, and two choirs, to name only a few, meet at the United Church, and the make-up of these groups is diverse, inclusive and eclectic. 

Our congregation is small, but the religious background of its members is varied. Its members cherish simultaneously the religious freedom which this church offers and the unity and validation derived from being able to find spiritual connections with one another. We truly are as our Sunday bulletin always says, “a place where people from all denominations meet in their differences, but are one in their search for God.”

Music Program

Judy Moyer is our Music Director. She coordinates all music for the services, plays the piano and organ, and conducts the choir and bell choir. The Sunday Services each week are accompanied by her beautiful piano and organ work and a selection of pieces performed by our either the choir, bell choir, soloists from the congregation, visiting musicians, or the children's ensemble. For more information about the music program. Learn more about our music program.

THE uNITEd church

Where people from all denominations meet in their differences, but are one in their search for God.

(865) 482-1016,   uccoth@aol.com,   85 Kentucky Avenue,   Oak Ridge, TN 37830 (Map)