Our Sunday Mornings

 8:00 Early Service in the Fellowship Hall
 9:00 Adult Sunday School
10:00 Family Service in the Chapel

       - Nursery available

       - Children released early for Sunday School
11:00 Coffee Hour in the Fellowship Hall

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The Historic Chapel

(865) 482-1016,   uccoth@aol.com,   85 Kentucky Avenue,   Oak Ridge, TN 37830 (Map)

Getting Married?

The Chapel on the Hill has been the setting for thousands of weddings.  Famous for its role in the early days of Oak Ridge, its picturesque setting above historic Jackson Square, and the inviting ecumnical nature of the church, the chapel  was a popular choice for brides and and grooms in 1943 and still is today!   Interested in having your wedding here? Contact the office...

Where people from all denominations meet in their differences, but are one in their search for God.

THE uNITEd church

Chapel Grounds.

The grounds of The United Church, The Chapel on the Hill, are rich in history and beauty. Our Chapel was constructed in 1943 as the shared chapel of the Oak Ridge, Manhattan Project community. Since then, members have done what they can to beautify these grounds. The Chapel is popular as a wedding venue due to its historic beauty and location.  Learn more...


The history behind the United Church, Chapel on the Hill, helped to formulate who we are today. The Manhattan Project, of World War II, brought a great diversity of people and ideas to what would become Oak Ridge. In this born over-night, military town, religious pursuits became a melting pot of ideas which occurred inside and outside of our chapel walls, the only chapel in Oak Ridge at that time. This ecumenical process brought many people to the conclusion that there is no need for so many segmented denominations and denominational creeds. This group of people stayed at the Chapel on the Hill to continue the ecumenical experience, while many other members left the Chapel on the Hill to develop other denominational churches here in Oak Ridge. Here you can find more detail about the History of the United Church, Chapel-on-the-Hill.  Learn more...